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Spectrum Health Policy Research

Spectrum Health Policy Research (SHPR) offers software, services, and support for public health programs.  We provide consultation to our customers surrounding our product and best practices in a variety of public health areas. Our professionals also provide evaluation assistance to program plans in our system.


We are a small company started in 2008 in Lawrenceville, GA that now operates with approximately 10 employees.  We are dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and communication. Our company culture focuses on facilitating teamwork and growing an environment based on trust and transparency.


Our clientele consists predominantly of state health departments, their programs and partners, and any entity engaged in coordinated public health approaches. Our specialty is coordinated chronic disease prevention and health promotion with our experts boasting hundreds of millions of dollars in public health program administration, evaluation, and enhancement.

SHPR is a certified minority-owned business in Georgia, see the certificate here.


SHPR was established in 2008 when Dr. Ryan Loo left his position at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a Behavioral Scientist in the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [NCCDPHP/CDC].


During his tenure at CDC, Dr. Loo successfully managed roughly $33 million in chronic disease prevention multi-state evaluation funding across a wide spectrum of methodologies, settings, and partners. Over his 20-year career in public health evaluation and program management, Dr. Loo has successfully implemented tens of millions in multi-site evaluation funding. His advice is sought by state health department executives across the country due to his extensive knowledge and experience in strategic planning, evaluation, program management, and grant writing.

Dr. Loo serves on several state leadership teams across the country as an expert in evaluation, management, and collaborative chronic disease prevention programming.


Catalyst120 is a secure cloud-based public health management software product. It was designed to eliminate costly single-purpose software systems widely used in government, and still provide public health employees the ability to avoid the inherent inefficiencies of manual coordination and paper data collection.


Catalyst120 was established in 2008 as a first-in-class public health specific program management tool. Since then we have grown to encompass many aspects of public health, from Planning & Evaluation to Patient Databases.


Using our knowledge of the grant application process and CDC reporting requirements, we have created a solution that can seamlessly meet the ever growing needs of the public health industry.

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